Mali Dori
Malai Dori (Damru)
Malai Dori with Jari
Butterfly Yarn

We supply various yarns made from 100% polyester (FDY) filament and its range is described below.

Malai Dori Yarn :

We supply plain malai dori yarn in various count range and shades

Fancy Malai dori :

We have various fancy items in malai dori yarn which are also very well use in the carpet and appreciated world wide.

Butter fly yarn :

It can be supplied in various shades.

Multi Twist Yarn
Multi Twist Yarn
Space Dyed Multi Twist Yarn
Jute Yarn
Multi Twist Yarn :

We offer multi twist yarn in dope dyed as well as in yarn dyed in various shades and very recently we introduced space dyed yarn in the market which is very well accepted as a new era in design of carpet.

As the above yarns are used in the face of the carpet and apart from this we also supply the yarn for carpet backing and in this, range include multifold yarn from 100% Polyester, Polyester / Cotton & Polyester / Viscose blend. In this case we offer package weight of 5.5 Kgs. or more as per customer requirement.

Jute Yarn :

We also supply of Jute yarn as per the count required by customer, from 6 LBS till 32 LBS single and double.